How To Get A Big Penis

There are so many products now claiming that they know the best method on how to get a big penis. They are usually selling something but on here we just give you our opinion and links to sites where you can buy if you want to. We have included prices but they may vary depending on the currency conversion rate.

There are various methods of penis enlargement with varying results.

From our experience and customer feedback penis extenders seem to work best quickly followed by penis exercises. You can speed up gains and even increase them by using a mixture of methods.

  • Gain up to 3 inches penis length
  • Gain up to 2 inches penis girth
  • Cure penis curvature
  • Strengthen your erections

We strongly recommend penis extenders with exercises and used with penis pills the results will speed up greatly.

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What is the best method?

As you can see from above the best way how to get a big penis according to all the feedback we have had is penis extenders. It is no surprise to see 4 of the top 5 in our rankings are penis extenders.

All of these penis extenders work well on their own but if you add in penis exercises you can speed up results and if you also add penis pills you can maximise the gains in the shortest time available.

What does the rank system include?

We have based our rankings on customer feedback and personal use. We have taken into account things such as price, effectiveness, ease of use and potential gains amongst other things.

As an example you will see the Size Genetics penis extender is above the X4 Labs, this is down to the new improvements made on the 16 way comfort strap.. Even though the X4 Labs is a bit cheaper we feel the new strap is well worth the extra bit of money.

What is the most cost effective way?

The most cost effective way to a big penis is obviously the penis exercises which are free and you could well gain up to 1.5 inches.

A more effective way is the penis extenders but of course they cost money so it depends on your circumstances. If you can afford one you could see gains of up to 3 inches and if used alongside the exercise you could see the speed of gains increased.

Why are penis extenders the best?

Penis extenders use traction which is probably the oldest method of extending body parts known. African tribes have used this for things such as lengthening ear lobes and even necks, we’ve all seen the pictures of how effective these methods are.

If you could manage to grip the penis head and stretch the penis to it’s maximum length then hold it there for hours you wouldn’t need these extenders. Unfortunately this is not possible so the penis extender is your best option.

How would penis pills help?

To answer this we need to explain how penis exercises work. You are basically rubbing and stretching the cells, breaking them down and then when they repair they split and divide leaving your penis with more cells and thus fuller and bigger.

When the cells repair the bigger the penis is the more the cells will divide. Penis pills work on the concept of keeping the penis full of blood while it repairs and thus the cells divide more and maximises the gains. Of course the penis exercises are required for this to work so well.

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What is the second table?

We have used this for some of the more popular methods that some seem to find help while we were not totally convinced. As an example Male Extra is primarily used for erections and even though we can see where it would help by keeping blood in the penis we are not sure it is value for money.

Sinrex at half the price does the same job but that is in the second table because from our feedback and experience pills are used to speed up and maximise gains while the penis extenders and exercises will do the same job albeit a little slower.

Would all three methods work together?

Yes and they would give you the fastest and greatest gains. If you can afford all 3 you can have the maximum gains in the shortest time. The reason this is a good idea is because some people, a lot in fact, will give up if they go a full week without seeing a gain.

What you need to realise is that even if you gain 3 inches over a 6 month period that works out to just 3mm a week and this is the most you should expect.

If you compare this to losing weight you realise that some weeks you may lose 4lbs but then other weeks you won’t lose at all. The same applies here, sometimes you may make 5mm, other weeks none but some people will then give up. Using all 3 will avoid this as you have more chance of small gains every single week and give you the big penis you always wanted.


We have removed the Vimax review, you can find out why here.