Advanced Penis Exercises

This is the most extreme of the exercises and should be done only after the beginners and intermediate routine. The figures are for the start of the exercises but after a month or so you should add a little to each exercise, only a minute or so.

That will have the same effect as adding another set in normal weight training. By adding gradually you will continue to gain. It will eventually get to take too long if you go up in big jumps so small gradual increases are better.

Exercise Type Short Routine Long Routine Exercise Choice
Warmup 1 minute 3 minutes Any
Length Exercise 3 minutes 8 minutes Any
Girth Exercise 3 minutes 6 minutes Any
Penis Health 2 minutes 5 minutes Any
Warm Down 1 minute 3 minutes Any

Even though we put down on the routine any you should try and vary the exercise, incloude things such as dry milking into it. Each exercise has its merits and you will like some more than others. It is a lot easier to stay with a routine if you find the exercises you like best.