This is the second of the three pages giving the answer to “how can i make big penis” which is asked so much on search engines. The first page showed the more expensive way while this one will give a lot more affordable version. Bear in mind that this way takes a little longer and the results won’t be as dramatic.

The first one showed you needing a lot of equipment but for this you need only one and because this is quite cheap we suggest you get the best penis extender available. This will aid so much in how to make big penis that you really do need the best one. Size Genetics has proved to be the best while also being very cheap.

If you have little to no time you could try the Phallosan which is slightly more expensive but in all honesty it is better as an additional tool than to be used on it’s own. With Size Genetics you start off easy just needing to wear it for an hour a day but this gets longer and longer but the time is needed to make penis big.

The way to get the most out of the penis extender is to start with penis exercises to break down the cells and plan to finish these about 15-30 minutes before wearing the extender. This gives the penis time to become less swollen but not so long that the repair process has already begun. The link as always to the exercises is at the bottom of the page.

As we stated earlier the wear time is quite low at the start which is why most extenders will work but where Size Genetics is best is how comfortable they are to wear. This is very handy for later on when you will need to wear it for hours each day and the comfort is well worth the few extra pounds.

If you decide to measure use a ruler pressed deep into the pubic bone, this gives more accurate results as the fat pad changes with your weight. You will be required to have at least 1 rest day every week, 2 for some people so plan it in advance, maybe doing monday to friday with the weekend off for example.

The third page will be up and running soon with the cheapest possible way to make big penis.


Size Genetics – £125-£250 all the models work well but you get some extras with the mroe expensive ones.
Exercises – Free, takes about 30 minutes a day